Countdown to “Life In Full Colour” #2

Callaghan "Life in Full Colour"

# 2 – To be loved by you

This is my mini blog about each of the songs that make up my debut album, “Life In Full Colour”, and the stories and inspirations behind them. “Life in Full Colour” is released on iTunes May 1st

A lot of people told me that recording your first album can be the most challenging because of how many songs you have to chose from. I have been writing songs since I was 15 so there were definitely a lot to chose from (although I have to admit I’m not sure if some of the early songs would have got near making it on the album!). I managed to narrow it down to a short list of about 40 and from there, down to the final 12.

I wanted to create an album that would take the listener on a journey through lots of different emotions – ups and downs, happy and sad, slow and fast – much like life does. As someone who tends to write more slow, reflective songs, I knew I needed to include a few more uptempo, happy numbers to get the balance I wanted.

That’s where “To be loved by you” came from.

I often get asked how I write songs – whether it’s the lyrics or melody that come first. I find each song is different, and sometimes it’s an overall feeling for the type of song I want to write which comes first. I find it quite helpful to imagine the finished sound of the song and the mood I want to create before picking up the guitar or sitting at the piano.

With “To be loved by you” I wanted to write a song that was bursting with positive feelings and energy. I wanted to try to capture the emotions you feel when you fall madly in love with someone and you can’t believe your luck because you realise they feel the same about you!

I think the two exuberant chorus lines sum up the whole idea of the song pretty well – “I love that you love me the way that you do, ‘cos it’s more than anyone deserves to be loved by you”

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about “Nothing You Say”



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