Life in Full Colour #6 – Sweet Surrender

Callaghan "Life in Full Colour"

Blog # 6 – Sweet Surrender

I recently read a review of my album which described Sweet Surrender as a “woe is me” song. It has always interested me the ways people interpret songs and how different they can be from my original intention.

I have no problem with people taking whatever interpretation they feel when listening to one of my songs, in fact I’m just happy they’re listening! I always try and write in a way that isn’t so personal that it excludes someone else’s experience and ability to connect to a song.

Having said that, I found the review I mentioned earlier particularly interesting since it was the exact opposite of what I had intended the song to be about. For me, Sweet Surrender’s message is more ‘woe is you, I’m outta here!’

I’m sure a lot of people who have been in a less-than-ideal relationship can relate to the moment when you realise you’re not going to put up with it anymore and make the decision to walk away. Sometimes it can take quite a bit of determination to leave a bad relationship when there could be so many factors making you want to stay, but once you are free and clear you can gain a new feeling of strength and self-confidence.

I think the last verse of the song sums up the feeling for me:

Waking up alone in this silent motel room
Can’t believe you ever talked me into loving you
But there’s no use trying to turn back
All the time I gave to you
Cos it made me who I am 
Somehow I found the strength to walk away

Life is about taking chances, and a life in full colour has it’s highs and lows all of which contribute to who we are.

I’m happy with that reviewer or any other listener making up their own mind about what the song means to them. I think that’s all part of the power and enjoyment of music.

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3 thoughts on “Life in Full Colour #6 – Sweet Surrender

  1. Tinkerbell says:

    I feel the same way about my writings; some pieces that are a bit more ambiguous in each line lend themselves to varied interpretations. It’s quite interesting how it all turns out in someone else’s mind.

    I can understand this happening with songs, I had my own little debates with others about some of them.

    Aside form that, I always wondered how song writing was as a process. How do you?

    • I find the process different with every song really – some seem to come quite easily, others can take weeks or even months of work to get to the point where they feel right.

      I suppose because writing and songs are so subjective, it’s always difficult to predict how someone will interpret something, but also everyone’s life experience is different so I suppose that can influence what it means to you. I”m just happy to be a part of a creative world where I get to share ideas with people and hopefully they enjoy the music I make.

      It’s definitely a fun way to make a living!

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