Life in Full Colour #7 – Look Around

Callaghan "Life in Full Colour"

Blog # 7 – Look Around

There are some songs which seem to just write themselves. “Look Around” was one of them. I’d had the chorus melody rolling around in my had for a while and when I sat down at the piano to start to play it, the rest of the song seemed to follow. There are a handful of songs I have written this way and I never take it for granted that it will happen, but it’s a joy when it does!
The idea behind the lyrics of “Look Around” is that hopefully everyone has something or someone in their life they can lean on when they need to. Whether that’s a person close to you, a husband or wife, a friend or even a faith or belief, everyone needs something they can turn to at some point in their life. Some times you may not even realise it’s there until you really need it.
As John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island”. And anyway, who would want to be.

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