Callaghan meets Callaghan

Of all the gigs I’ve done, it had already started off stranger than the average. The sound equipment wasn’t quite what I had requested because the venue was worried about making too much noise and scaring its residents. Not something you hear every day as a performer, but then not many venues I play in are also home to a couple of 3,000lb beluga whales. And those whales, who were just around the corner from the stage, apparently have sensitive ears, so we kept the noise down just enough for them to enjoy the show.

I was playing at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta along with a couple of friends of mine from Athens GA; Jon Poole on drums and Michael C. Steele on bass. We had a great time doing the show and, it being a rare all ages show, got to enjoy seeing some very cute kids dancing their socks off up at the stage!

After I’d finished a young girl came up to me and asked me for my guitar pick. She didn’t introduce herself but I later got talking to her and her dad and discovered she was the same girl I’d received an email from a few weeks earlier…

She is 8 years old, and her name is also Callaghan. It’s her mother’s maiden name and she was on google searching for people with the same name as her and came across my site. She enjoyed the music she heard and told her dad all about it. He flew the two of them from their New York home just to come to the Aquarium show and so she could meet me. It was such a cool story and she was so sweet.

The name Callaghan is actually kind of rare in the USA. My family were originally O’Callaghan’s but lost the O when they crossed the sea from Ireland to Scotland, then somewhere in the Atlantic many Callaghans lost the G to become Callahans. I’ve met a few Callahans here, come across a couple of towns of that name, and, of course, Dirty Harry is a Callahan. So it was nice to meet another Callaghan.

There was a reporter from Target Audience Magazine at the show and she took the photo below which ended up in her review of the show.

So, the gig where I got to play for some beluga whales and a new friend named Callaghan will be one I won’t forget in a long time…

Callaghan and Callaghan at The Georgia Aquarium
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2 thoughts on “Callaghan meets Callaghan

  1. Mary Callaghan says:

    Re your post of 13 July: How many times I’ve thought of dropping you a line since I first discovered your music… I, too, am a Callaghan and a musician (we were O’Callaghan too, but the O was dropped because “the Yanks couldn’t spell it!”). Bred and buttered in New York City, where the clan settled when they came out here from Co. Galway and Mayo, I grew up singing and playing the guitar and am still at it. We frequently reminisce about the old sing-songs that took place regularly at the drop of a hat; I consider that music my dearest legacy and am so glad to know of another Callaghan in that same tradition.
    The music continues to colour and sing our life–babies being sung to sleep, the dear dead ones’ favorite songs at every funeral, and at every event in between. Much luck to you as you so beautifully sing and share a Callaghan life in fullest colour.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your comment. It’s great to meet another Callaghan, and to hear you love music too! Are you still in NY? I’m coming through there in September to do a show at The Rockwood Music Hall. Maybe I’ll see you there!
    Thanks again for your good wishes.
    Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

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