Fish and Chips, Pints of Beer, S’Mores and Grits – A Transatlantic Feast


Traveling, seeing new places and having adventures is great fun, but sometimes there’s nothing that feels better than home. Familiar surroundings, friendly faces and the ease and comfort of many things that you know.

It has been 9 months since I’ve been back to the UK and so the next 3 weeks are a long awaited treat. I won’t be doing any gigs while I’m back, just catching up with friends and family and seeing how my hometown of London has changed after the recent Olympic celebrations. I can’t wait!

One thing I miss while living abroad is certain foods that I never even realised I liked that much when I was in the UK, but suddenly when they’re not available, strange cravings appear.

For those of you in the USA interested in sampling some British favourites, most Publix and Kroger supermarkets have some in their “Ethnic Food” Aisle (an amusement in itself!). You can pick up things like Jammie Dodgers, Heinz Baked Beans, Marmite, and even tins of Spotted Dick which, although sounds like an unfortunate condition, is a type of boiled fruit cake, and actually very tasty with icecream or custard.


The foods I’m most looking forward to when I go back are fish and chips drenched in salt and vinegar, a pint of beer in a British pub, and the biggest bar of Cadbury’s chocolate I can find.

And I thought it was about time I introduced the UK to some great American classics, so I’m taking back in my luggage some grits, graham crackers and marshmallows to make S’Mores, and I need more suggestions!

What is your favourite American food that you think I should take back to introduce to my British friends and family? It can be anything, as long as it travels well.

Leave your suggestions below and I’ll let you know how they go down across the pond!



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8 thoughts on “Fish and Chips, Pints of Beer, S’Mores and Grits – A Transatlantic Feast

  1. Sherree says:

    Zapps potato chips!

  2. David Minnette says:

    Hi Callaghan, I have just returned from England (went to the Olympics) and pint or two of real ale was so good after two years here in the states, also toad in the hole with mashed potatoes. Things to take to England I always find Reeces peanut butter cups go down well, you could also try cornbread that is good too. Have a safe and wonderful trip to the UK. best wishes. David.

    • Yes, real ale is something definitely very British. My sister loves drinking it – although I’m more of a lager fan. Reeces Peanut Butter cups always seem popular over in the UK, good idea!

      I hope you had a great time at the Olympics. It looked amazing on TV!

  3. Carole says:

    I am English but have lived in Wisconsin for nearly 24 years. When I was 15 an American family came to my area and we have all been close ever since. After visiting Mindy and her family in New York, I craved Reece’s peanut butter cups! OMG they were SOOoooo good for Reece’s deprived British people.

  4. Bill says:

    Jiffy Cornbread mix. Small blue and white boxes, should travel fine, makes good cornbread

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