Callaghan album artwork - Life In Full Colour

British artist Callaghan released her debut album, Life In Full Colour, on May 1, 2012. The record was tracked in and around Atlanta with Shawn Mullins both producing and playing on the album. Life In Full Colour’s 12 songs present the singer’s eclectic and dynamic style, combining shades of folk, country, rock and pop into a seamless fusion of feeling and melody.
A long-time Mullins fan, Callaghan contacted the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter in 2009 through MySpace, and Mullins agreed to a rare collaboration. An initial recording trip to Atlanta yielded three songs, prompting her life-changing decision to move to the USA in 2010 to finish the album. Callaghan left her London digs and boarded a plane headed for the American South: the experience was the inspiration for the opening track and first single from the album, “Best Year.” She now calls Atlanta, and the United States, home.Says Callaghan of the experience: “When I got on that plane from London to Atlanta, I didn’t know what to expect, but the welcome and the reaction to my music has been amazing. I knew that Shawn Mullins was the right producer, and working in the studio with such a meticulous and gifted artist has been a real education for me as a musician and a songwriter. The songs on Life in Full Colour reflect the moments all of us experience in our lives; from the joy of being in love to the mess of falling out of love, from the loneliness of bereavement to the happiness of meeting the right person at the right time. ‘Best Year’ is about the story that brought me here and a hope and belief that the best is yet to come.”

Says Mullins of the collaboration: “Callaghan is a truly amazing artist. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a voice as strong and as true as hers. It just shines. Working with her in the studio was incredible; I felt an immediate connection to her mu- sic. She’s a remarkably strong pop melodist – her sense of melody is timeless and there is a classic quality to her songs.”

Born in Boston, Lincolnshire to a musical family, Callaghan was classically trained on flute from age 6, then gravitated toward singing and playing piano. By 14 she was writing songs, and started trekking to London to record with various producers. At 18 Callaghan moved to London to live with her sister (whose flat was so tiny, the singer slept under the kitchen table), while recording a number of independent EPs and playing all over the city, at spots like the Bedford, Regal Room, Royal National Theatre and 100 Club. Since landing stateside Callaghan has toured extensively throughout the U.S. playing in 30 states along- side Mullins and in her own headline shows.

Life In Full Colour is now available on iTunes, Amazon and http://www.callaghansongs.com,  and Callaghan is currently touring to support the release. (See confirmed tour here.)

“The world needs more singer songwriters like Callaghan. In a time where mediocrity is seen as brilliant, Callaghan truly shines through as the real deal. Her voice is original and pure, and she is one of the greatest unsigned talents I’ve ever heard.”

– Shawn Mullins

“A 12-track set infused with folk. pop, rock and country influences and, above all, immediate hooks”

– Billboard.com


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