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It’s not too late for New Years Resolutions…as long as they’re fun!

funny new years resolutions


As the first weeks of the New Year pass by, those New Years Resolutions that were set leading up to Christmas are probably already getting some of us down. Plans that seemed so virtuous now just seem like a drag. So I thought I would share some more easily kept New Years Resolutions that are just a little bit more fun!

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Callaghan’s 12 Days (Videos) of Christmas – Part 2

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to a fantastic New Year.

To continue with my “12 Days (Videos) of Christmas” project, here is another video. This is a live recording of my song “Green Eyes”. It was written as an anniversary present to my husband and was originally called “Blue Eyes” until I sang it to him for the first time and realised his eyes were actually green!

So the title was quickly changed, and it’s now one of my favourite and most requested songs at my shows.

I hope you enjoy it, and that 2013 brings lots of good things for everyone!

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