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A magical musical experience on the open seas

There’s a world I never knew existed until recently. A world of tropical desert islands, fantastic live music 14 hours a day, 24-hour pizza and ice-cream, and where you might just end up singing karaoke with Edwin McCain!

This world is Cayamo and I just experienced it for the first time.

It was 7 days of pure fun, travel, great company, great food and most importantly, fantastic music.

I was on the cruise as part of Shawn Mullins’ band so got to play 3 shows with him and by the end of the week I was thrilled to have been offered my own hour long show which was great fun. The line up of artists playing on the boat was amazing and included Shawn Mullins, John Prine, Lucinda Williams, Chuck Cannon, Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt, The Civil Wars, and, a highlight for me, James McMurtry.

I was first introduced to McMurtry’s music while I was on tour with Shawn last year. The ipod in the RV shuffled onto a song called “We can’t make it here anymore” and I was instantly hooked. I spent the next few days downloading McMurtry songs onto my own ipod and listened to them constantly.

So when I saw he was going to be on the boat, I was beyond excited. The great thing about the way Cayamo is set up is that the performers can get to chat to each other in the artist section of each little venue. I just about plucked up the courage to glance at James McMurtry while on the boat but striking up a conversation was a bit too scary!

I did however get to meet and hang out with some other lovely artists including Enter The Haggis, Sarah Buxton and Edwin McCain (who I now have to thank for teaching me a thing or two about the game of Blackjack and the karaoke version of “Don’t You Want Me Baby” by Human League).

On top of all of that, the other passengers on the boat were so much fun to get to know. Some of the biggest music fans I’ve ever met, and I hope i’ll get to meet some of them again as I travel around the States this year.

What a crazy world it is when you get paid to cruise in the Caribbean sun! To slightly adapt a song of mine, it really was one of “the best week’s of my life”. I really hope next February I’ll be boarding the boat for another adventure on the high seas, and maybe I’ll see you there!

p.s. If anyone would like to see some photos from the cruise as well as a video of Shawn Mullins and me doing an unplugged duet of “The Only Thing Real” head over to my facebook page: www.facebook.com/callaghanmusic

p.p.s For more information about Cayamo, go to www.cayamo.com

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How do you like your Grits in the morning…

Welcome to my new blog site!

It has taken me some time to figure out how to set this page up, but now that it’s here, I intend to use it!

I chose the name “Brits and Grits” because, being a Brit living in the USA, there are some things,like Grits, that have taken me some time to get used to!

I remember my first experience of eating grits was when I came over for a few weeks to Nashville back in 2007. I was staying in a hotel and saw them on the breakfast menu and decided to give it a try. I was seriously not impressed. I thought they had the consistency of wallpaper paste and even less flavour. Little did I know I had been misled by Instant Grits.

Well, fast forward a few years and I’m now living in the US, after deciding to move to Atlanta to record my album with Shawn Mullins. And thanks to an introduction to home made grits in Gainesville, Georgia, I’ve become a BIG fan of that gritty goodness whether they come plain, with baked apples, smothered in cheese, or served up with a pile of fried shrimp! I’ve even attempted to make a (somewhat lumpy) batch of them myself. Practice makes perfect though so I’ll keep trying!

So this blog is going to talk about all the weird and wonderful experiences of being a British woman living in the US of A. The food, the accents, the traditions, the every day and the extraordinary. And of course, as I’m a singer-songwriter, there’ll be a good amount of music chat too!

So I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing yours.

And what I really want to know is….how do you like eating your grits?

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