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Becoming a tourist again in London

Callaghan on the Hungerford Bridge overlooking the Thames, London

Something odd happens when human beings get on planes and travel to different countries. People who were previously intelligent magically lose all ability to perform basic tasks like finding their way out of a train station, or buying the right travel ticket.

This is the situation I find myself in now that I’m back in London.

Despite having lived in the city for over 10 years, somehow when I come back as a tourist I lose all my previous knowledge and a journey that should take 5 minutes takes an hour, making one unnecessary diversion after another.

But, even with “tourist-brain”, I’m really enjoying being back in London. Seeing the sights and the changes that have been made since the Olympics and catching up with old friends is great fun.

Here are a few recent snaps I took…

Almost a Waterloo Sunset over the Thames in London

An art display as part of the London Paralympics

View of The London Eye

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